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About Us

About Bestynn

Since 1998, Bestynn has been a competitive sign manufacturer in the Asian market, and has grown immensely over the years. Our business has emerged as a market leader in the sign products industry and holder of numerous patents for our products. Bestynn provides fully-customized services for product design, comprehensive metal work, and acrylic fabrication at a competitive price. 

Jack Lo, an entrepreneur, and founder of Bestynn, started his career as a professional product developer in the signage industry. His ability to understand the customer's needs allowed him to envision innovative product enhancements, and soon he decided to connect with customers to validate his vision. Jack travelled to various markets including the United States, Canada, and numerous European countries to ensure that he has a global perspective on customer needs, habits and issues. With the knowledge gained through the feedback of the customers, he created the early prototypes that would eventually be the starting point for Bestynn's successful product line.

Bestynn products can be easily found all over the world including North America and Europe. Our manufacturer also provides a complete product manufacturing capability including powder coating, plastic fabrication, CNC machining, punching machine, bending machinery, shear machining, and all which can produce a wide variety of products